Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:

• Paper 1: Non-calculator – 1h 30m - (Foundation / Higher): May-Jun 2019
• Paper 2: Calculator 1h 30m - (Foundation / Higher): May-Jun 2019
• Paper 3: Calculator 1h 30m - (Foundation / Higher): May-Jun 2019

Key Resources:

• StandHighMaths – our online repository of practice papers, formuale booklet, access to the class textbooks and intervention resources (most with answers):
• Teachers – our teachers are very supportive and will make themselves available for students if they agree a time to meet
• Targeted interventions – these will take place by invite with parents/carers informed and we strongly recommend attendance
• Collins Connect – provides access to the textbooks we use in class (see StandHighMaths link for access)
• MathsWatch – our maths homework and resources (videos and worksheets) portal available to your child 24/7 (see StandHighMaths link for access)
• Corbett Maths – an online resource bank of videos, worksheets, 5-a-day questions and much more for exam preparation and independent work:

Areas of study:

Students will be entered for a tier based on a combination of their GSCE target grade and teacher prediction. These tiers are called Higher (where grades available are 9-4) and Foundation (where grades availble are 5-1). Tiers will be decided shortly before the November PPEs in Year 11.

Assessment components:


Recommended Revision Guide/ Wider Reading / Useful websites

We strongly recommend the purchase of the following books to aid continuous learning and revision. These are available in pairs for £8 from ParentPay. Please check which Tier to purchase by asking your child’s Maths teacher although for those who have had a learning gap in in Maths, we recommend starting from the Foundation tier.


Higher 1 Higher 2             


 Foundation 1 Foundation 2