Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 at St Andrew’s

Key Stage 4 is an exciting, yet challenging time for students at St Andrew’s. We believe that every student has their own potential and we are determined to help them to fulfil it. Students of all abilities will be supported with outstanding teaching and pastoral care which nurtures the skills and knowledge that they need for lifelong, resilient learning.

Throughout Key Stage 4 we aim to ensure that all students make rapid and sustained progress towards their GCSEs and are fully equipped to make an informed choice about the subsequent A-Levels, vocational learning pathways or apprenticeships that they aspire to. In Year 10, students begin this journey in earnest as their GCSE (or equivalent) courses offer exciting learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Students also have an opportunity to make the most of the wide range of leadership and enrichment opportunities at St Andrew’s.

In Year 11, students participate in work experience, trial examinations and complete their Post-16 application forms whilst balancing their academic workload in preparation for their final GCSE examinations. We have high expectations for our students at Key Stage 4 and we are equally committed to helping them to make positive and responsible decisions that will make them independent, confident and engaged members of our society.


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