‘Flipped Learning’

We want every St Andrews’s student to be independent, resourceful and lifelong learners.  To support our learners we’re ‘flipping’ the idea of homework and expect our learners to prepare for class in advance of lessons.  Flipped learning is an approach in which students are able familiarise themselves with the basic content, concepts and key facts prior to class, so we can explore them in depth and deepen the learner’s understanding. We want to empower our students to take ownership over their learning and develop the skills they will take into college and beyond.

How it works?

In preparation for lessons, students are asked to watch videos, read text or complete identified tasks every week prior to lessons.  They will then have a quiz on these at the start of a lesson/s that following week. Students can re-read or re-watch these resources as many times prior to the lesson and to aid their revision after the lesson. Click on the relevant link below to access the relevant videos and resources set by your subject teacher.

 As year 11 are preparing for their final GCSE exams, it is important that they look to organise their time this year.  There will still be tasks they need to be completed at home in addition to their ‘flipped learning’ activities.  We recommend that students should be spending 5 hours a week per core subjects and 3 hours per option subject.

Homework will continue to be recorded on www.Go4Schools.com , where you can monitor student progress and achievements.


 2019-20 academic year:


Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde AT1

English Language AT2


Flipped Learning – Maths Foundation

Flipped Learning – Maths Higher


Science (Combined)

Combined Biology AT1


Science (Triple)

Triple Biology AT1



Flip Learning Religious Studies








Food Tech






Health & Social Care




Geography Flipped learning


Cold War


Sociology N


Business Studies

Business Studies flipped learning


Computer Science