NCFE Technical Award in Music Technology, Level 2 (VCert)

Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:
• Four units assessed throughout Year 10 and Year 11
• Candidate buids up a portfolio of evidence of their knowledge and achievement which is then graded
• External exam in Year 11

Key Resources:
• Music Technology From Scratch by Mortimer Rhind-Tutt • Rhinegold Education • Paperback ISBN 978-1906178864

Subject content of the NCFE Music Technology specification:

• Using a digital audio workstation:

o Developing skills in operating a DAW creatively.
o Using audio, MIDI, hardware, and editing tools.
o Creation of a musical project in response to a brief, reflecting industry skills.
o Develop understanding of the key hardware and software components in the use of music production equipment.

• Creating music:

o Develop skills to analyse stylistic elements of music.
o Create a piece of music beased on a specific style.
o Review and reflect on the technical and creative process.
o Identify key elements of music and key developments in music technology that have influenced the chosen style.

• Studio recording:

o Plan and undertake a studio recording session.
o Create a mixdown of that recording and review this final product.
o Understand key requirements of a sduccessful studio session, including health and safety, hardware, software, and planning techniques.

• Sound creation:

o Explore synthesis and apply knowledge to a given brief.
o Create and review an original sound creation project.
o Understand different types and methods of synthesis.

Assessment components:
Each of the four units is assessed by building up a portfolio of evidence against each key assessment criteria (listed above). Based on the candidate’s evidence and final outcomes, grades are awarded. The final written exam at the end of Year 11 is the final assessed componioent of the course.

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