Media Studies

Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:
• One solo media production assignment NEA (September 2018) 30%
• http://Public Examination (December 2018)
• two final GCSE papes (June 2019) 60%
• paper 1: A – media language and representation, B – media Industries and Audiences
• paper2: A – analysis on screning of one of our CSP, B – newspapers, online and social media, video games

Key Resources:
• Students classbooks and study od CSPs
• Student Folders: W:\Collect work to do\Media GCSE
• Students guides and speciment papers available:

Subject content of the AQA GCSE media specification:
Close Study product (CSP)
1. Television Original

Doctor Who 1963

Class 2007

2. Newspapers

The Times

Daily Mirror

3. Radio

Beats one

Radio one first broadcast

4. Advertising and marketing

Print: OMO

TV: Galaxy Online: Represent

5. Social and on line media

Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

Lara Croft Go


6. Music Videos

Artic Monkeys, ‘I bet you look good…’

One Direction, ‘History’

7. Magazines



8. Film Industry

Dr Strange

I Daniel Blake

Assessment components:
Students are assessed on their knowledge and application of the theoretical framework: media languaguage; media Auiences; media Representation; media Industries
Students are assessed at school on their coursework production (NEA): 10% statement of intent; 10% on production skills; 10% on their final products. All work is externally moderated and verified.
Students will complete their CSPs (1-3 above) and revise those covered last year (4-8) for assessment. Their PPE will be based on paper 2 this Decemeber and they will look at both Papers in Spring term.
Students need to be able to analyse, using relevant therories both a print media product and a filmed product.

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