Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:

• Paper 1: Introduction to Small Business – 1h 30m: (May 2019)
• Paper 2: Investigating a small business
Project (20 hour classroom based exam) – Oct 2017 – Jan 2019
• Paper 3: Building a Business – 1h 30m: (May 2019)

Key Resources:

Teachers – our teachers are very supportive and will make themselves available for students if they agree a time to meet

Targeted interventions – these will take place by invite with parents/carers informed and we strongly recommend attendance

Areas of study:

All areas of study and assessment components are shown below.


Year 11

Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business
• Spotting a business opportunity
• Showing enterprise
• Putting a business idea into practice
• Making a start-up effective
• Understanding the economic context
Unit 1 is an externally examined paper consisting of compulsory multiple-choice questions (45 minutes). This paper is taken at the end of Year 11.

Unit 2: Investigating Small Business
This is an internally assessed research/investigation project which is to be completed in a three week timetabled session within school time.
Students may choose from a range of tasks, including, for example:

To what extent have determination and initiative been the most important qualities of your chosen entrepreneur in helping their business to succeed?

What is the most important factor in helping the business you have chosen deliver high levels of customer satisfaction?

To what extent have recent changes in exchange rates affected the business you have chosen to investigate?

Unit 3: Building a Business
• Marketing
• Meeting customer needs
• Financial management
• People management
• The wider world affecting business

Unit 3 is an externally assessed written examination consisting of a mixture of multiple-choice, data response, short-answer, extended-writing and scenario-based questions (1 hr, 30 mins).

Year Unit Title                                         Assessment Weighting 

11     1      Introduction to Small Business  Exam             25%

10     2      Investigating Small Business     Investigation  25%

11     3      Building a Business                   Exam             25%

Recommended Revision Guide

We strongly recommend the purchase of the following books to aid continuous learning and revision.

Students will receive homework on a weekly basis

Support Your Child – Useful links and advice

Business Studies Online – an online tutorial on all aspects Business Studies which can be found at
• It is also recommeded that students watch Business Studies programmes such as Dragons Den and Apprentice and read Business journals - A useful website for all students, this includes videos and help guides to walk students through a variety of tasks.
This website is excellent or all students and provides many resources to support students understanding of business. An excellent resource for educational clips and information.

We also encourage students to purchase a revision guide and work book from the exam board that can be used at home to support the learning in school.