BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care

Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:

• Component 1
Human Lifespan Development
Assessed internally – 2 pieces of coursework throughout year 10

• Component 2
Health and Social Care Services and Values
Assessed internally – 2 pieces of coursework throughout year 10

• Component 3
Health and Wellbeing
Externally assessed – Exam in year 11

Key Resources:

Areas of study and assessment components:

Component 1
Learning Aim A: Understand human growth and development across life stages and the factors that affect it
Learning Aim B: Investigate how individuals deal with life events.

Component 1 - Content
Human Growth and Development across life stages
• Main life stages
• PIES growth and development in the main life stages

Factors affecting growth and development
• Physical factors
• Social and cultural factors
• Economic factors

Different types of life event
• Physical events
• Relationship changes
• Life circumstances

Coping with changes caused by life events
• How individuals adapt
• Sources of support
• Types of support

Component 2 -
Learning Aim A: Understand the different types of health and social care services and barriers to accessing them
Learning Aim B: Demonstrate care values and review own practice.

Health and social care values
• Different health care services and social care services that are available and why individuals may need to use them

Barriers to accessing services
• Types of barriers and how they can be overcome by the service providers or users

Care values
• 7 care values

Reviewing own application of care values
• Key aspects of a review

Component 3
AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of factors that affect health and wellbeing
AO2 Interpret health indicators
AO3 Design a person-centred health and wellbeing improvement plan
AO4 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to overcome obstacles relating to health and wellbeing improvement plans

Component 3 - Content

Factors affecting health and well being
Physiological indicators
Lifestyle indicators
Health and well-being improvement plans
Obstacles to implementing plans

Recommended Revision Guide
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Revision guide: Can be purchased through the school
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