Assessment and (Provisional) Examination / Assessment Dates:

• Paper 1: Investigating small business – 1h 30m: (May 2020)
• Paper 2: Building a business – 2hrs: (May 2020)

Key Support

Teachers – our teachers are very supportive and will make themselves available for students if they agree a time to meet
Targeted interventions – these will take place by invite with parents/carers informed and we strongly recommend attendance

Areas of study and assessment components:

GCSE Business (New 9-1)

Theme 1: Investigating small business (Paper code: 1BS0/01)

• Enterprise and entrepreneurship
• Spotting a business opportunity
• Putting a business idea into practice
• Making the business effective
• Understanding external influences on business

Theme 2: Building a business (Paper code: 1BS0/02)

• Growing the business
• Making marketing decisions
• Making operational decisions
• Making financial decisions
• Making human resource decisions

Assessment overview

Both papers will be in the form of a written examination of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Each paper will consist of a range of questions totalling 90 marks and will be worth 50% of the qualification.

Each paper is divided into three sections:

Section A: 35 marks
Section B: 30 marks
Section C: 25 marks.

The paper will consist of calculations, multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions.

Questions in Sections B and C will be based on business contexts given in the paper.


Students will receive homework every fortnight

Support Your Child – Useful links and advice

Business Studies Online – an online tutorial on all aspects Business Studies which can be found at
• It is also recommeded that students watch Business Studies programmes such as Dragons Den and Apprentice and read Business journals
A useful website for all students, this includes videos and help guides to walk students through a variety of tasks.
This website is excellent or all students and provides many resources to support students understanding of business.
An excellent resource for educational clips and information.
We also encourage students to purchase a revision guide and work book from the exam board that can be used at home to support the learning in school.
Curriculum Enrichment
The Business Studies Department is proud of its curriculum enrichment programme. The curriculum would be enhanced by visits to businesses, competitions and visiting speakers. These include:
• Coca Cola – The operation of a manufacturing and distribution plant.
• House of Fraser – Customer Service and Retail Merchandising
• The Bank of England – Interest Rates and the Economy
• Chelsea Football Club – The Business of Football